Numbers of China suppliers waiting
for a match

We can search reliable suppliers for you
and let them send you quotations
that you can choose from.
Fill in the inquiry form.
We’ll match you with reliable China partners.

Reason for existence

Our value is to make it easy
for you to search
for the best suppliers

We try to streamline the process of trade
and lessen the burden of trade documentation and procedures.
oversea sourcing
Search and check

Supplier inspection
Detailed information
And close the deal

Using our service, you can verify vendor data
And get real feedback,
Once you have identified your chosen supplier,
We will check all the procedures for you to ensure the security of the transaction.
oversea sourcing
Procurement service

You can pass our inspection
Your best partner

If you have trouble browsing vendors,
You can let our team complete the decision-making process for you,
Our purchasing team will check everything for you.
oversea sourcing
  • Supplier Data
  • Procurement service
  • Trade Manager

Detailed suppliers’ profile

You can look through the detailed information of
suppliers using our “search categories”.


Procurement service

Through our purchasing service system,
You can accept the list of suppliers and their quotations,
Close a deal with a proven supplier.


Trade Manager

Meet our Trade Manager.
Our Trade Manager can reduce your burden of
trade documentation and procedures.
We can be your personal Trade Manager.

Michael Mak   |  General Manager

Keya Li   |  Marketing director

Ariel Zhao   |  Logistics Supervisor

Paul Zeng   |  Quality Control Supervisor

Still hesitating?

We offer all our services at No Cost.
Feel free to register our service and send us inquiries.

We are currently recruiting China suppliers only. We are also planning foreign companies.

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